The Steinbach Skimmers Competitive Swim Club is broken into 3 distinct swim tiers based on technical ability, speed and endurance.  This is to ensure that similar swimmers are engaged in the right drills and practices for their ability.  To join any of our programs, swimmers need to be assessed by one of our coaches.  Tier placement and advancement is based on individual swimmer’s development plans and assessment by our coaching staff.  Program placement is based on skill level and not age dependent.

Skimmers Launch Program:

The Launch program is designed for those swimmers new to competitive speed swimming.  The program will build the key skills, techniques and endurance for competitive swimming.  Launchers will learn the 4 competitive strokes, starts and turns.  We recommend a solid foundation in swimming lessons as a good starting point to enter the Launch Program – but new swimmers are assessed by our swim coaches.

  • Swim 200m front crawl continuously in under 5 minutes
  • Demonstrate proficiency in free, back & breast strokes
  • Demonstrate a head-first dive, both deep & shallow
  • We encourage participation in at least 2 swim meets per season (1 SC & 1 LC)

 Skimmers Glide Program:

The Glide program is for swimmers who have learned the stokes and technique of the 4 competitive swims.  They will begin to tweak technique and build strength & endurance through training.

  • Swims 800m continuously in under 20 minutes
  • Working toward provincial age group qualifying times
  • Endurance for a 1 hour practice
  • Endurance for timed swims & sprints
  • We encourage participation in at least 4 swim meets per season (2 SC & 2 LC)

 Skimmers Sprint Program:

The Sprint program focuses on fine tuning technique and endurance for provincial performance (and above).  Swimmers in the Sprint program will challenges in the areas of sprints, endurance and technique.

  • Achieve all criteria of the Glide Program plus…
  • 1500m timed swim in under 25 minutes
  • Endurance for a 2 hour practice
  • Dry land training at home 2-3 times a week
  • Endurance for timed swims & sprints
  • Participation in at least 6 swim meets per season (3 SC & 3 LC)