It’s finally here!  Time to register for the first meet of the season.  Please see the “Swim Meet” section of our website.  Each meet has a link to the complete meet package, along with a link to the Skimmers Meet Registration Form.  This is a 2 day meet…  October 28 & 29.  “A” swimmers (which is the majority of the club) swim afternoon sessions only!

Please note – the Saturday afternoon session is Session 2, and the Sunday afternoon session is Session 4…  On the Skimmers Registration Form, we have labeled the Saturday session as 1 and the Sunday session as 2.  Sorry for the confusion.  Any “AA” swimmers will have Coach Pamela speak with them directly about registration.

New swimmers – worry not!  Our coaching team will let you and your swimmer know when it’s time to consider meet.

Meet Registration: Seals Celebrate Swimming