Our next fundraising campaign is with Mom’s Pantry.  More than 200 items including spices, baking supplies, soup mixes, frozen products and more.  To see a complete list of items available form Mom’s Pantry, you can visit their catalogue online.  Here are the details:

  • Order forms and money due November 13th (see Julia)
  • Pick up will be November 29th? (to be confirmed)
  • Most product earn you 30%…  but some range from 20% to 40%

Orders can be placed by the customer using the web page link www.momspantry.ca

Click on “Shop Now”
1.) Add items to your cart

2.) Checkout

3.) Use the codes provided on the front of your order form and enter the Sellers Name.


Order Number # 255199  Group Passcode #20408

If the buyer does not want to use the online ordering process please fill out the attached order form and hand in with payment on or by deadline.

If you have any questions, please email directly to Julia.

Fundraising: Mom’s Pantry