Here are some of the most frequent questions about the Steinbach Skimmers.  If you question is not answered below, please feel free to contact us.

What level of swimming does my child need to have to join the Skimmers?

The Skimmers are a competitive swim club.  New members need to complete an assessment with our coaching team to determine their readiness. New club members should be very comfortable with deep water and have a solid foundation of swimming skills.  More details can be found on our website under Swim Tiers & Programs.

If you are interested in having your swimmer assessed, please contact us.

Are competitions and swim meets mandatory?

The Skimmers are a competitive swim club – and the coaching and practicing is to prepare swimmers for competition.  We understand that not all swimmers will be able to attend all meets throughout the season, but we strongly encourage families to add the schedule of meets to their calendars so they are prepared.

New swimmers need to have the base fundamentals and skills prior to competition.  When swimmers are ready, the coaching team will let them know they are ready, and work with them on event selection.


What is the difference between “short course” and “long course”?

Competitive swimming consists of two seasons – short course and long course.  During the “short course” season, all competitions are held in pools at a length of 25m; “long course” meets are 50m.

How many times a week does my child need to swim?

The Skimmers practice schedule has “base practice” nights of Mondays and Wednesdays.  As swimmers progress in their abilities, additional practice time is required to build on their skills.

The cost of the Skimmers program may seem high, but the actual cost/pool-time/coaching-time is less than you would pay for swimming lessons.  The major difference is time.  While swimming lessons are 45 minutes for 10 weeks, the Skimmer program ranges from 1-2 hours, twice a week +, for approximately 36 weeks.

How does a swimmer progress to the next level and when does this happen?

The decision to move your child to the next level is based on several criteria including:

  • swimmer’s age, desire, goals, attitude, ability, attendance and commitment
  • coach’s recommendation
  • balance of groups

Our coaching staff works closely with each swimmer to build and develop their skills.  As their abilities progress, our coaching team would recommend swimmers be moved to subsequent levels.

Swim Meet Disqualifications?  What’s up with that?

DQs in swimming are the same as penalties in hockey – part of the game.  There are many technical nuances of starts, turns and strokes that if not done right can result in a DQ.  Even the most experienced swimmers get DQed from time to time.  The important thing is that our coaching staff will review and explain the DQ with swimmers so they can learn from it.

Swim Meet Fee’s

Because not all swimmers compete in all swim meets, we don’t include these costs as part of the registration fees.  Meet registration fees are set by the host club and outlined in the meet package.  Our club also charges a $10/swimmer meet fee to cover coaching.  Once the meet registration is submitted to the host club, a swimmer can cancel their participation, but no refunds are available.

What equipment does a Skimmer need?

Swimmers should have comfortable & appropriate swimsuits (no bikini’s), goggles, towels & water bottles.  New Skimmers are provided a swim cap at not charge, and additional caps are available through our club.  In addition, our coaches do recommend additional practice equipment based on level and performance.

Do I need to watch my Skimmers at every practice?

The Steinbach Aquatic Centre has regulations for adult supervision of children in their facility.  The Skimmers ask that all parents take responsibility for their swimmer.  All swimmers should have a “designated” adult who is responsible for them in the pool.  While we encourage all parents to watch practice and build community with the other Skimmers families, we understand if scheduling prevents this.  We simply ask that you find another adult to “be responsible” for your Skimmers.

How long does the swim season last?

Swim season begins in September and runs till the last Swim MB sanctioned meet of the year – usually at the beginning of June.  Those Skimmers Provincial qualifying times continue practicing until Jr. Provincials in June.  Those Skimmers with AA ManSask qualifying times continue practicing till the ManSask Championships in July.