About us

Speed swimming made it’s debut in Steinbach in 1990.  With only and outdoor pool, the season was limited, but interest in the sport grew with more and more swimmers becoming involved.  With the opening of the Steinbach Aquatic Centre’s new facility in 2002, the club was able to practice year-round. and in 2004 the Steinbach Skimmers Swim Club was officially formed.

Today, the Steinbach Skimmers have over 20 club members and continue to grow every year.  If you are interested in participating and becoming part of this exciting sport, please contact us.

Our Mission

About SkimmersOur mission is to provide our members with an opportunity to develop their speed swimming abilities in an atmosphere that they will find exciting and rewarding.  Our coaches will encourage these athletes to be the best that they can be by improving their confidence and strength in the water.  An important club objective is to continue to promote sportsmanship and team spirit.  The Steinbach Skimmers Swim Club is committed to provide training and opportunities to compete that will be consistent with each swimmers’ abilities, personal goals and desires.

Why be part of the Steinbach Skimmers Swim Club?

  • Meet new friends
  • Develop skills and abilities
  • Enjoy a healthy lifestyle and benefits of physical activity
  • To in various levels and team and individual competition

Training opportunities vary depending on individual ability and skill levels

Please see our calendar of events for a complete listing.