Welcome to the 2017/2018 Skimmers Swim Season!  We are really excited for this season and hope everyone is ready to work hard!  We wanted to share some information about the start of the season, along with some of the documentation and waivers for this season.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

General Info & Scheduling:

  • Skimmers Season begins September 11th & 13th.
    • These are “non-swim” nights and will run 6:30 till 7:30
    • We will be meeting at the Pat Porter Centre at 10 Chrysler Gate in Steinbach
    • September 11th:  Parents meeting, Skimmers team activities & activation training
    • September 13th:  Skimmers team activities & activation training
    • Skimmers Wear will be available both nights for trying on and sizing
    • Terry (club treasurer) will be available these nights for arrangement of registration payments
  • September 18th:  First in water practice
  • Please Note:  All consent forms and applicable fees must be completed prior to any Skimmers participating in pool training.  This is because of insurance & liability.

Skimmers Handbook & Registrant Letter:

Please see the attached Skimmers Handbook which includes our club policies along with the welcome letter from Swim MB.

Skimmers Handbook

2017 Letter to Registrants

Acknowledgement & Consent Forms:

Every year the Skimmers & Swim Manitoba require all members to complete several consent forms.  Please print and complete the forms below and bring them with you to the first Skimmers night.

Waiver & Consent

PIPEDA – Swimmer

PIPEDA – Official
  • Please print and complete the Waiver Consent Form – All Swimmers
  • All Swimmers:  Please print and complete the PIPEDA – Swimmer
  • All Parents:  Please print and complete the PIPEDA – Officials

Team Communication & Notification:

Our club believes in over communicating through our website and email system.  The primary email you used to register your swimmers is automatically added to our system, but you can add additional email addresses at any time!  This allows both parents and/or swimmers to receive the same communications.  Simply add your information through this link.

Commit Swimming:

The Skimmers are using a new practice management software package that allows our coaching team to better plan, track and share workout progress.  Each swimmer needs a unique email address, and will be given access to a “swimmer log in” portion of the program where swimmers can see their progress.  When a new swimmer is added to the system, it automatically generates an email to that swimmer.  We wanted to let everyone know so they weren’t surprised when they receive the email.

2017 Skimmers Welcome Package